Client Comments

Thank you for taking the time to adjust my resume as well as for the handouts and event details. The information you have, and hopefully will continue to give me, is invaluable! – Amanda

I wanted to thank you again for your help. I did get a job _ a features writing job for The Daily Commercial in Fla., to be exact! One of the first things they said to me was how much they liked my resume and how well designed it was!

It’s only part-time right now, but they said it could possibly be full-time in a month or two. I figure it’s a good start. It’s also 45-minutes away from where I’m now living.

I’m still planning to one day move to South Florida.

That’s where I feel myself being drawn. So, since this is part-time, I’ll keep on looking if I don’t get full-time at the DC, but at least I’ll have a job post-graduation looking for a job. — Thanks! Sarah

PS _ I still plan on buying you lunch!

This resume looks like a new person. It’s like getting a facial or changing your hair style! Thanks so much.  I guess the airline biz should be left out.  Besides, everyone has worked there at one time or another.  I know you should not go back any further than 10 years, do you think that my international experience with the Govt way back when would help if I were searching for gov’t/non profit organizations. — You are the best! Debbie

This looks very nice and professional. THANK you so much in making it look better and more appealing, as well as professional! — A very greatful person, Susan

Beautiful!!!!!!!! Thanks again! I will be sure to recommend you to friends and family! — Elizabeth

Thank you.  You’re great! And that is my goal over the summer to join more professional associations. — Lynnelle

Thank you so much for your help. It definitely needed that little “extra.” — Thanks again, Maria

A very big THANK YOU to Linda for her expert resume advice and lightening-quick turn-around time!

If anyone needs their resume tweaked, Linda is the person to do it!

Thank you AGAIN, Linda …. Next stop:  J*O*B ! — Jan

Wow that was fast and this looks great!!! — Lynnelle