Resumes 101


Stop using “jargoneeze.” Keep your paragraphs and your statements clear, concise, and to the point. Lose the fluff.

Don’t hide your “hard” skills, put them at the top. Not fluff, but the real stuff like if you are bi-lingual; know particular software programs; Managed staff, etc.

Did you check for typos? Check. Again.

Have a few different versions of your resume and cover letter. Try them out and see which ones get “the hits.”

Network, network, network. Get your own “calling cards” and pass them around.

Join your professional associations for face-to-face networking.

Use the temp agencies. Today’s temp agencies provide positions for even the most seasoned professionals and those looking to get a career start.

Don’t give up! Today, it’s not unusual for a career to cycle up and down. A rejection today doesn’t mean you won’t find the right job tomorrow!

Don’t over analyze why you didn’t get that last job or ran into a career wall. Move forward. Read books on how to forward your career, and take the advice. Use it.

Be willing to compromise.

I got my “foot in the door” as a secretary in a company I wanted to be with. I worked hard. Learned new skills. Took classes. The last one out of the gate isn’t always the last one to the finish line. With the right approach, you can get a good job!